Good Laboratory Practices

Following Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) means more than practicing good science when conducting research experiments. GLPs are federal regulations that apply when conducting in vitro and in vivo safety studies and, in some cases, efficacy studies on certain products regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Texas A&M University has developed a GLP Quality System Program (QSP) that applies to all Texas A&M organizational units that seek to participate in GLP studies.

Compliance with Good Laboratory Practices Regulations

Each organizational unit and associated facilities participating in GLP studies by either conducting or providing support must comply with the GLP regulations and Texas A&M QSP standard operating procedures to the extent of the services they provide. Organizational units desiring to conduct or provide services for GLP studies must be approved in advance for each GLP study.

Investigators should contact the Good Laboratory Practices program well in advance of committing to conduct GLP studies. The office will assist and ensure the requirements can be met by the investigator’s organization. This will help avoid delays in initiating research.

For more information about conducting GLP study activities at Texas A&M, contact David Bridges at 979.845.1263 or by email.

Standard Operating Procedures

Written, management approved, standard operating procedures (SOPs) are necessary for GLP study activities. Texas A&M has developed core administrative GLP SOPs that each organization performing or supporting GLP studies must follow.

Access to all departmental SOPs requires management approval.