Your Responsibilities As A Research Participant

It is important to understand your responsibilities as a research participant:

  • Completely read the consent form and ask the Principal Investigator (PI) any questions you may have. You should understand what will happen to you during the study before you agree to participate.
  • Know the dates when your study participation starts and ends.
  • Carefully weigh the possible benefits (if any) and risks of being in the study.
  • Talk to the Principal Investigator (PI; the person in charge of the study) if you want to stop being part of the research study.
  • Contact the PI and/or the Texas A&M University Institutional Review Board (IRB) with complaints or concerns about your participation in the study.
  • Report to the PI immediately any and all problems you may be having with the study drug/procedure/device.
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of participation as described on the consent forms unless you are stopping your participation in the study.
  • Keep a copy of the consent form for your records.