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Human Research Protection (HRP) is a collaborative effort between all who develop, conduct, review, approve and facilitate Human Research. It includes institutional leaders, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), researchers, faculty, staff, students and the community.

The Human Research Protection Program  (HRPP) aims to protect the rights and welfare of research volunteers, by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate research that is ethical and scientifically sound.

The HRPP office serves Texas A&M University including the Health Science Center, the College of Dentistry, and the School of Law as well as branch campuses in Galveston, and Qatar. It provides support and resources to both Institutional Review Boards, and the research community.

The primary mission of this Institution’s Human Research Protection Program is to protect the rights and welfare of participants involved in human research that is conducted under the auspices of this Institution by providing support to the Institutional Review Boards and maintaining a program of compliance oversight.

HRPP Staff are assigned to specific colleges or units, please consult our contact page to determine who is the liaison for your department.


The Human Research Protection Program has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), checklists, worksheets and templates for use by the research community


The Investigator Manual is designed to guide you through policies and procedures related to the conduct of Human Research that are specific to this institution


Post-approval monitoring provide internal oversight on compliance issues relating to the conduct of human subject research on behalf of the Texas A&M University Institutional Review Boards (IRB). All active human subject research studies under the purview of the Texas A&M University IRBs can be chosen for review.