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SOPs, Checklists, Worksheets and Templates

The HRPP, Institutional Review Boards and the research community follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and use checklists, worksheets and templates to guide the design, conduct, review and approval of Human Research.

    Click on the buttons below to view and download SOP's , checklists, worksheets and templates to help you craft your IRB application and supporting documents in a way that addresses the criteria for approval.

    Investigator Manual

    The Investigator Manual is designed to guide investigators through the policies and procedures relating to the conduct of Human Research that are specific to Texas A&M University.


    These policies and guidance apply to the following campuses: 

    • Texas A&M University
      • Including the Health Science Center and all its locations
    • Texas A&M University - Galveston
    • Texas A&M University - Qatar
    • School of Law - Fort Worth