Participant Information

Research personnel listed on any IBC research permit working with agents at Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) or Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3), or listed on IACUC or AACUC Teaching or Research Animal Use Protocols (AUP) must enroll in BOHP upon addition to the IBC permit or AUP.

Principal investigators are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their permitted research staff complete the BOHP Initial Questionnaire through the BOHP web portal (link below) and annually update their BOHP enrollment annually for as long as they remain listed on the permit.

University operations personnel determined to be at risk of exposure to hazardous biological agents in the course of their employment at Texas A&M must enroll in BOHP upon hire.

Patient contact personnel must enroll in BOHP upon hire.

Visitors to Texas A&M (College Station campus) facilities or laboratories where work is conducted with biological materials, or to animal facilities, farms or programs, please contact the BOHP at with details of your visit (anticipated arrival, length of stay, department and faculty member visited, purpose of visit).

Participation in the BOHP

BOHP uses a new web based portal that allows individuals to participate quickly and easily.   

Click here to begin -> Biosafety Occupational Health Web Portal

    • Sign in with your Net ID username & password.
    • Click on "Occupational Health" on the left menu.
    • Click on "Occupational Health Questionnaire" on top center menu.
    • If you work in a research facility (on an AUP or an IBC permit), please select your Principal Investigator as your PI/Supervisor (no lab managers, please).