Biosafety Occupational Health


Welcome to the Texas A&M Biosafety Occupational Health Program!

The Biosafety Occupational Health Program is an integral part of the Office of Biosafety. Its mission is to ensure that all people at Texas A&M are offered the best possible information regarding biological exposures and access to competent occupational health medicine services and providers.

The BOHP provides services to individuals who have been assessed as having potential  exposure to:

1.     Biological materials handled at Biosafety level 2 or higher:

      •  agents that cause disease in humans, including bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and prions;
      • materials (e.g. blood, body fluids, unfixed tissues, or tissue cultures) potentially containing human pathogens;
      • recombinant DNA and/or RNA;
      • Biological Select Agents and Toxins.

 2.    Animals, or their tissues, body fluids, or wastes. 

Enroll in the Biosafety Occupational Health Program

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