Biosafety Occupational Health


Welcome to the Texas A&M Biosafety Occupational Health Program!

Learn the steps to participate in the Biosafety Occupational Health Program. Occupational health services for Texas A&M faculty, staff and students who have potential exposure to infectious and/or recombinant biohazardous materials or animals are provided by the Biosafety Occupational Health Program (BOHP).

For all chemical, radiation, or physical hazard exposures, please contact Texas A&M Environmental Health and Safety at

The Biosafety Occupational Health Program is an integral part of the Office of Biosafety. Its mission is to ensure that all people at Texas A&M are offered the best possible information regarding biological exposures and access to competent occupational health medicine services and providers.

BOHP addresses exposure to:

1.     Biological materials handled at Biosafety Level 2 or higher:

      •  pathogens of human or zoonotic pathogens of animals;
      • materials (e.g. blood, body fluids, unfixed tissues, or tissue cultures) potentially containing human pathogens;
      • materials of human or non-human primate origin;
      • recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules and cells, organisms, and viruses containing such molecules; 
      • Biological Select Agents and Toxins,

 2.    Animals, or their tissues, body fluids, or wastes.


Enroll in the Biosafety Occupational Health Program

Click here to begin > Biosafety Occupational Health Web Portal

  • Sign in with your NetID username and password.
  • Click on "Occupational Health" on the left menu.
  • Click on "Occupational Health Questionnaire" on the top center menu.

  •  If you work in a research facility (on an AUP or an IBC permit), please select your Principal Investigator as your PI/Supervisor (no lab managers, please).