Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Information

The operational integrity of a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) must be validated before it is placed into service and after it has been repaired or relocated. Relocation may break the HEPA filter seals or otherwise damage the filters or the cabinet. Each BSC should be tested and certified at least annually to ensure continued, proper operation. On-site field testing must be performed by experienced, qualified personnel.

The principal investigator is responsible for emailing Precision Air*, the Texas A&M University contractor for BSC certification, and scheduling the certification at least a month prior to the certification expiration date. If a BSC which is located in a BL2 or higher laboratory has lapsed or is past due for annual certification, it cannot be used.

Please make sure that the recertification of your BSC is on your schedule or your designate’s schedule. Do not depend on your department, EHSD, or Research Compliance and Biosafety office to schedule this service for you.  

*Precision Air Technology
Andrew Aldridge
email (

Out of Service sign for posting if BSC is not certified for use (PDF)