Who Needs Approval

All research teaching or testing conducted by a member of the faculty, staff or students of Texas A&M University, or a Texas A&M System component with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Texas A&M for IBC services, involving any of the agents/materials listed below, must be approved by the Texas A&M Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) prior to initiation:

  • Pathogens and potential pathogens of humans, animals, or plants;
  • Materials potentially containing human pathogens (including human blood, tissue, and cell lines; non-human primate blood, tissue, and cell lines);
  • Recombinant DNA (and RNA), including creation or use of transgenic plants and animals;
  • Select agents and toxins (see http://www.selectagents.gov/) including strains and amounts exempted from the select agent regulations;
  • Any material requiring a CDC import license or a USDA permit.


Only faculty, or faculty equivalent positions, may submit an application for an IBC permit.

First step: Submit IBC permit application documentation