2019 Biosafety Month

Dear Biosafety Researchers:


October is National Biosafety and Biosecurity Month. This is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves of the important role we each play in promoting a culture of safety and compliance on our campus. In support of this initiative, and in coordination with the TAMU Biosafety program and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), I encourage you to enhance biosafety awareness and to find ways to strengthen biosafety in your teaching and research labs.


Principal Investigators are role models and mentors to their students, post-docs and laboratory support personnel. As such, they set the tone in establishing and reinforcing a strong safety culture by modeling and encouraging safe attitudes, behaviors and practices.


The Office of Biosafety is staffed by trained biosafety professionals with many years of experience conducting research in biosafety laboratories. They are here to support you and help promote safe science by:

  • Attending your lab meeting or visiting your lab to discuss biosafety, Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) requirements, etc. with your students and laboratory support staff;
  • Conducting an assessment of your laboratory facilities to ensure work spaces and practices meet the necessary requirements to ensure safety and security of personnel and the agents in use;
  • Working with you to generate a description of the safety and security practices in place in your laboratory when presenting your research to colleagues; and
  • Working with you to review your biological inventory and the details of your IBC permit on a regular basis to confirm you have IBC approval for the activities and/or possession of all biological agents in your laboratory.

As always, you are encouraged to contact the Biosafety Program at or 979.862.4549 with any biosafety related questions, concerns or suggestions for improvement.


Mark A. Barteau

Vice President for Research

Halliburton Professor in Engineering

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Chemistry