Institutional Training for Animal Care and Use

It is the responsibility of Texas A&M University to assure that all personnel involved in the care, treatment, and use of animals in research and teaching are qualified to perform their duties and are aware of regulations and requirements applicable to their work with animals. As part of the IACUC Animal Use Protocol (AUP) approval process, principal investigators must document the training and experience of their personnel. IACUC expects all personnel to participate in Texas A&M Animal Care and Use training opportunities to satisfy their training requirement.

Mandatory Regulatory Training

CITI is a web-based ethics training course for those conducting research. To access CITI training, please go to Your preferred email must be the same email that is associated with your iRIS account so that the link within the system can be validated. Although CITI has many courses available, the IACUC will only be requiring completion of the “Working with the IACUC, Basic Course” to fulfill your mandatory training requirements. You must pass the module with at least an 80%. Once you complete the training the information will be automatically sent to the IACUC Office and incorporated with each of your active AUPs.

When completing the registration:

  • Step 1: Please select "Texas A&M University" as your participating institution.
  • Step 2: Your username and password are unique to you.
  • Step 3: Your preferred email must be the same email that is listed in iRIS.  Your secondary email is optional and can be your private email account.
  • Step 4: You will not be receiving CME/CEU credits for the IACUC course.
  • Step 5: The CITI Lab Animal Welfare Course Curriculum- Please select “Working with the IACUC."
  • Step 6: Once you have completed the registration, you will need to enter the course and complete the required modules and exams.

Instructions are also available in PDF format.

    CMP Laboratory Animal Care and Use Training Program

    The Comparative Medicine Program (CMP) Animal Care and Use Training Program at Texas A&M was established to help provide training, instruction, and information about laboratory animal care and use to teaching and research personnel. The program is available to Texas A&M and Texas A&M AgriLife faculty, instructors, scientists, technicians, graduate students, undergraduate students, and other personnel involved in animal care and use. Records of attendance and participation in training activities are maintained on an individual basis by the IACUC office and the attending veterinarian. Attendance at sessions offered by the Animal Care and Use Training Program should be listed on AUP forms when listing qualifications, training, and experience of personnel.

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