Documentation Needed

Submitting an Animal Use Protocol for Research and/or Teaching

An animal use protocol (AUP) must be submitted to the IACUC for approval of any research, testing, and/or teaching involving animals. Submissions are accepted at any time.

To submit an AUP for review, log in to the iRIS submission program. For instructions on how to log in to iRIS, visit our informational portal.

    Submission of External Protocols

    When animal work outlined in your protocol is being conducted at another institution, the following information must be provided for Texas A&M University IACUC review and acceptance:

    1. a copy of the participating institution’s approved protocol;
    2. a copy of the institution’s approval letter; and
    3. a copy of the institution’s Public Health Service (PHS) assurance number, if PHS funded.

    Once received and reviewed, if acceptable, the IACUC will issue a letter of acceptance of the external institution’s oversight. The expiration date will coincide with the participating institution’s protocol’s expiration date. Continuing reviews are required annually on all protocols utilizing USDA regulated animals and DOD funded research.

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