Report an Animal Use Concern

Anyone concerned with an animal’s welfare or is aware of non-compliance with policies, rules, regulations, and laws regarding animal care and use for research, teaching, or testing may contact a member of the Texas A&M Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Attending Veterinarian, or IACUC administration. Complainants may remain anonymous. It is the goal of Texas A&M University to ensure all animals are treated humanely and in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act.

Each IACUC member, alternate, and staff member is responsible for referring any concerns received to the IACUC chair. If the concern is made in writing or via email, it will be forwarded to the chair with a note indicating the date and time of receipt of the concern. All allegations of animal mistreatment or non-compliance are taken seriously and investigated, even if the complainant chooses to remain anonymous.

You can also submit a concern online via the Animal Concern Submission Form.

Concerns may also be directed to the attending veterinarian or the executive director of comparative medicine at 979.845.7433 or 979.845.6488.