Animal Facility Inspections

The purpose of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) inspections is to ensure that all animal housing facilities are managed and maintained according to the U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Texas A&M University policies.

All facilities housing live animals for research or teaching purposes must be inspected semi-annually by the IACUC.

Inspection teams include two voting members of the IACUC and a member of the Animal Welfare Assurance Program. No IACUC member may be excluded from an inspection in which they wish to participate.

A full copy of each inspection report will be submitted to the IACUC for review/approval and will be included in the semi-annual report to the institutional official.

Biosafety Inspections

Inspections for the Institutional Biosafety Committee are conducted by the biological safety officers in the Office of Biosafety. Each inspection is conducted according to the policies of the Texas A&M University Institutional Biosafety Committee and the federal requirements guiding biosafety. Inspections can be prompted by new permits, renewals, or some amendments such as location or agent changes.

  • Biosafety Inspection Checklist Examples
    • ABSL1 Inspection Checklist (PDF)
    • ABSL2 Inspection Checklist (PDF)
    • BL1 Inspection Checklist (PDF)
    • BL1 Inspection Checklist with Drosophila work (PDF)
    • BL1-P Inspection Checklist (PDF)
    • BL2 Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  • BL2 Biosafety Laboratory Manual Checklist (PDF)


Biosafety Inspections (outside of College Station)

July 12 Dallas
July 19 Galveston
August 9 Temple
September 13 Houston
October 11 Dallas
November 8 Temple
December 6 Houston
December 11 Stephenville
December 12 Stephenville
December 13 Stephenville